Extreme Resume Makeover Kit

The Extreme Resume Makeover Kit guides you the process of creating a killer resume that represents you strongly as a candidate and sells you as the solution, or the “product,” the hiring manager needs. As a bonus, you can have your completed resume within an hour.

* Create a resume that highlights your fit for the job with a fill-in-the-blanks template

* Turn your objective statement into a “headline” that captures attention and interest

* Find out the 3 critical questions your employment history must answer

* Set your resume up to consistently rise to the top of the list in database searches

* Learn how to use the rest of your resume (education, professional accomplishments, organizations) to boost your candidacy

* Avoid the mistakes everyone makes when they send their resume electronically

Peggy reviews resumes as part of the package when you purchase the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit. 

Once you have finished updating your resume after using the Resume Makeover Kit, send it in and we will have Peggy Review it for you.

Below is an overview of the Extreme Resume Makeover Kit.

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