Where are my CDs or DVDs?

We chose to display ‘likenesses’ of the product on the website so that people can understand that they are getting a report, a video, or an audio product.

All of our products are delivered digitally for several reasons:
1) Speed of delivery – our customers are usually in a big hurry with a looming interview, often times the next day.
2) Cost – shipping, handling, and production costs alone would push a $7 video product like the LinkedIn Profile Tutorial to over $40 – we are trying to deliver maximum value to our customers
3) Obsolescence Avoidance – by delivering products on line, we are able to update them to keep them current should there be changes in technology or strategy – our customers get access to the product (and its improvements for life)
4) Safety/Insurance/ Convenience – your product is available for you to access from any computer in the world, at any time. You can’t ‘lose’ your CD or DVD or break it. The product can’t be stolen or damaged, or ever ‘misplaced.’

We believe that all of the above add up to tremendous advantages for our customers.

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