How to Quantify your Resume eReport

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The #1 Improvement You Can Make To Your Resume - Quantify Your Accomplishments 

Quantifying your accomplishments means describing them in terms of numbers, dollars, or percentages. Even if you are great at your job, your resume won't show it until you add the numbers that prove it. This ONE resume improvement can make the difference in getting ignored or getting interviews.

In this report, you will learn:

• Why hiring managers LOVE to see resumes with numbers, dollars, or percentages
• How to quantify your accomplishments--no matter what job you do or how much experience you have
10 major work areas you can easily tap for numbers to add to your resume

This report is truly for everyone—you’ll see examples for jobs in sales, small business, manufacturing, technical jobs, project management, marketing, accounting, finance, research and development, administration, management, and more.

Quantification is the key to making your resume stand out.

If you want job interviews, this information will help you get them.




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